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Although descended from farming families, both Chris & Scott were raised in suburbia, and there they remained until they purchased what was then ‘Omaka’ in 2017.  Moving to the Forgotten World countryside and setting up and running Omaka Lodge has brought (and is bringing) numerous new challenges and interesting experiences.  Many of the experiences are humorous, so it seemed only natural that Scott should share some of these in The Cultivators & Country Gentlemen, the Omaka Lodge Blog, as their story unfolds and evolves at Omaka Lodge, a tranquil oasis amidst New Zealand’s Forgotten World.

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Omaka Lodge
Omaka Lodge is feeling blessed at Omaka Lodge.1 month ago

Exactly one year ago today, 19th May, we, Scott & Chris, left our previous urban life behind us, moving to Omaka and beginning our new life in the country. And what a wonderful year of transition and transformation it’s been! The beauty and tranquility of...

Omaka Lodge
Omaka Lodge is feeling good at Omaka Lodge.1 month ago

With all our hard work in setting up Omaka Lodge, it seems only right that the Peugeot should receive a little bit of branding too!

Omaka Lodge
Omaka Lodge added 19 new photos — at Omaka Lodge2 months ago

A selection of autumn photos, a colour-wheel of delight.

Omaka Lodge
Omaka Lodge2 months ago

Well that was a storm and a half last night here at Omaka Lodge. Rain, ferocious wind, freezing temperatures, no electricity. Daybreak revealed 3 liquidambar trees had fallen (literally!) victim to the wind. And approximately eleventy-eight gazillion branches, leaves and twigs are now covering everything...

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